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All relationships are “Personal”

January 11, 2010

Many times, we like to think that it’s better to separate the business and personal relationships. In my view, I like to keep all relationships personal (keep in mind varied degrees of being personal). My analysis here is focused on work relationships and here are my thoughts:

  1. In general, we like people better at work when we have things in common with. Many people underestimate the value of small talk which might lead us to like each other as people.
  2. In terms of team work, personally liking your team members is a big boost to productivity.
  3. The act of “Care” is crucial in building trust among peers and the power of trust is huge. These basic human fundamentals acts when done in a right, fair and personal way go a long way.
  4. Event with clients, I believe in making relationships with them personal. For example: Even with a simple question about a client’s family or holidays can make that connection. People want to feel happy about who they work and do business with.
  5. With investors or donors, it has been proven again and again that if you make it personal with them and not just be all business, you are more prone to receive more funding too. They might like the business concept but then if they are not sure on who I am personally, they are in that reserved mode and will wait and watch to know you more.
  6. Remembering simple things such as birthdays can make them feel really special. It targets right on their social belonging need and when it’s fulfilled, it’s a great feeling.
  7. I personally add my business contacts to my facebook so they can see that other side of me because that’s who I am and I don’t believe in hiding regular stuff in my life from anyone. Some people are nervous about doing that and would call it a bad idea. My take on that is if you are doing something wrong and you don’t want others to see it then why do it. Stay true to yourself. The last thing you want is those business contacts to add you and then finding out that other side about you which they don’t like. So keeping it transparent helps.
  8. In the age of Google or Bing, where it’s so easy to figure out what you are about in your personal life, take proactive measure and let them know your personal side.

NO!! That doesn’t mean I’ll share everything with my business contacts or coworkers which I would share with my family but then I wouldn’t share that deep personal stuff with everyone or on any social media either.

You decide!!

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  1. Lianna permalink
    January 21, 2010 9:53 AM

    Ha..this seems very familiar to what we have discussed. I totally agree with you that making personal, meaninful relationships can only benefit your professional relationships more, but I still don’t agree about making a lot of things public about your private self. Not everyone is an extrovert, Nitin. I want some of my life to be private. But, I do understand your point of view.

    • January 21, 2010 10:15 AM

      Thanks for the comment Lianna. I agree that there is no point sharing very personal stuff with everyone coz that’s for people closest to you but then again I will not be sharing any of that stuff on social media either.


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