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WALNET is a networking group me and my friends started at UNR during our MBA degree. The whole thing started just as a beer meet after a class between me and my MBA friends in June 2008 similar to Bay Area start ups and other high tech companies and over time became what it is today.WALNET is an informal and social platform for professionals and students (preferably with or working on Graduate degrees) to get together and establish key to long term networking and contacts.

The idea at its inception was also to make sure that this platform allows us to keep in touch with all our professors and faculty. We also invite other members of the industry to join us and have a drink with us. They are not expected to give any speeches or presentations which will make them feel like they would have to work on it. The idea is to sit down, relax and get to know each other as people and professionals.

Our meetings are held on alternate Friday nights and you can find us on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Just send me your contact information such as an email which you would be comfortable to share with other members and if possible a phone number. I’ll add to to the existing list and you ‘ll start getting emails from me about our next meeting venues. THAT’S IT !!!

Fee free to bring your spouse/partner etc. Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions or comments for me.

Next Meeting:

Date: February 5, 2010

Time: 5:30pm

Location: The Little Waldorf (at the patio), 1661 N.Virginia St., Reno, NV

Articles About WALNET:

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  1. January 15, 2010 5:02 PM

    WALNET is fantastic Nitin! You have done a fantastic job organizing the group and we all appreciate you for it! Cheers my friend! ~Christine

  2. Brian permalink
    February 4, 2010 11:31 AM

    I began my MBA program Spring 2010 and just recently moved to the Reno/Sparks area from Las Vegas.

    Looking forward to meeting some like-minded folks.


  3. January 11, 2011 8:16 PM


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